Schemmer's Cleaning Services has Your Carpet Spotting Solutions

The reason "one product" supermarket or hardware store carpet stain removers don't work is because there are five types of household carpet stains. No single stain remover works on all five types, which means you need the right stain remover for your spot! Visit our Products page to view our line of stain-removers, or read below for more information on each type of stain.

We have spotters for each group of stains found in the home! You can select those necessary for your particular lifestyle! When used correctly, these professionally formulated stain removal agents will safely and easily remove practically every stain and spill you come across.

General/Common Spills

How do I get that stain out? The most common stains found in the home are water-based, combination oil and water based, or protein spots. Given that these are all removed by the same type of stain remover, they are all grouped together in this category. Water based stains are typically food, beverages such as beer, liquor, and soft drinks, baby formula, jelly syrup, latex paint, plain old dirt, and many more. Combination oil and water-based stains such as salad dressing, oily foods of all types, chocolate, mayonnaise, and many others fall into this category. Protein stains such as milk, milk products, ice cream, blood, grass, and many food items are also general and common stains. All of these stains are best removed with Schemmer's General Stain Remover.

Greasy & Oil-Based Spots

Our gum, tar, and grease remover... Oil-based stains can be among the most difficult to remove because few consumer stain removers are designed to remove such stains. Oil-based stains include: adhesives, butter, cooking oils, cosmetics, crayon, some furniture polish, glues, gravy, grease, gum, hand cream, inks, lipstick, margarine, oil, ointment, peanut butter, tar, wax, and many others. Schemmer's Gum, Tar, & Grease Remover is a citrus-based formula that quickly and safely breaks down these greasy stains for easy removal.

Juice & Dye Spills

Let Schemmer's Juice & Dye Stain Remover work for you! Stains of this type are widely varied given that there are so many different types of dyes found in juices, foods and beverages, medications, and so forth. While it is important to remove all spots as soon as possible, time is of the essence even more in terms of juice and dye stains, as these dyes can sometimes dye carpet fibers, resulting in a permanent stain! Schemmer's Juice & Dye Stain Remover is an excellent stain remover for these types of stains and is also great for removing most wine stains.

Coffee & Tea Stains

Help! I spilled! Are you in need of coffee or tea remover? Schemmer's stain remover service is here to help! Coffee and tea stains contain "tannins" that leave brown, tan, or yellowish discolorations on carpets. Schemmer's Coffee & Tea Stain Remover is excellent to remove these, as well as many other mystery stains that leave brown, tan, or yellowish discolorations. When there are large amounts of cream and/or sugar in coffee and tea stains, pre-treat with Schemmer's General Spot Remover first to remove this component of the spill.

Schemmer's Cleaning Services has three convenient locations for stain remover service in Duluth, MN; Two Harbors MN; and Superior, WI.

Pet Stains & Odors

This category is self-explanatory! 100 million Americans have pet cats or dogs, and even the most well-trained pet will have an occasional accident or get sick and vomit on the carpet. Beloved older pets sometimes just can't make it until we get home to take them outside. Stains in this category include urine, feces, vomit, and other organic materials. Schemmer's Pet Stain & Odor Remover uses bio-enzymatic action to naturally break down these materials so stains and odors are easy to remove. It works on human soils as well and is also suitable for use on mattresses to remove stains and orders from bed wetting, sweat, and so on.